Aino Juutilainen (cello /composition)
Merimaija Aalto (violin / viola / voice)
Milo Linnovaara (saxophone / clarinet / flute)
Joonas Leppänen (drums)

Aino Juutilainen

cello / composition

Besides AINON, Aino Juutilainen works actively with performing arts as a composer-musician. She finished her master’s degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2013. Alongside with the studies of classical music she was very active in the improvisation and jazz scene in Denmark and ended up working a lot as a composer-performer. The first album that featured her music was Vela’s album Wandering (Eclipse Music 2017) got a very positive reception. She is currently working with ‘Jälkiä’ – a series of sound art pieces that got funding from Koneen Säätiö for the years 2019-2021.
Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko

Merimaija Aalto

violin / viola / voice

Merimaija Aalto is a versatile violinist and multi-instrumentalist across a myriad of genres. She specializes in combining her voice together with her violin to create unique soundscapes. Aalto has appeared on the stage with Finnish folk artists such as Vähäsarja, Joose Keskitalo, Aino Venna, and with the rock artist Mikko Joensuu’s massive lineups. At the moment, Aalto is finishing her master’s degree at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Additionally, she studies classical violin in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. As a music pedagogue, Aalto teaches violin, piano, viola as well as composition through storytelling. At the Sibelius Academy she completed her final internship in the project Kuule minä sävellän (Very young composers), where she taught children to compose by using improvisational and narrative methods. In the band AINON Aalto alternates between violin, viola and singing.
Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko

Milo Linnovaara

saxophone / clarinet / flute

Milo Linnovaara is wildly enthusiastic about reed instruments. Originally classically trained saxophonist Linnovaara has found new ways of expressing themselves with the clarinet and especially with the flute. Recently Linnovaara has returned to play the bassoon after few years’ break. Linnovaara has a bachelor’s degree both from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (2017) and from the Sibelius Academy (2019) where they are currently finishing their master’s degree. Linnovaara has also studied two years in Paris with the saxophonist Nicolas Prost. Linnovaara enjoys playing all sorts of music and combines different genres in their various projects which include Tikka & Linnovaara (tenor sax improv duo), Kemialliset Ystävät (electronic music live act), Perussastamala 6 (punk), VILUS (a mix of circus, contemporary music and media art).
Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko

Joonas Leppänen


Joonas Leppänen is a musical explorer, who is not afraid to take risks. After studies in Berlin in Gothenburg this composer/drummer has worked extensively with many musical luminaries in Finland and abroad such as: Mikko Innanen, Hanna Paulsberg, Aki Rissanen, Kalle Kalima, Susana Santos Silva, Felipe Salles, Samuli Mikkonen and Jukka Perko. Joonas has his own band called Alder ego which has released two albums, which have received critical acclaim in important mediums such as Downbeat and Helsingin sanomat and featured in radio programs such as BBC3 Late junction and P8 Jazz. The band has also toured extensively, played festivals such as Xjazz Berlin and Pori Jazz, to name a few.
Photo: Kastehelmi Korpijaakko